In-Store Brand Communication: When Shelf-Space and Display Seduce Consumers

Wijaya, Bambang Sukma (2020) In-Store Brand Communication: When Shelf-Space and Display Seduce Consumers. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, 8 (4). pp. 984-998. ISSN 2395-6518

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PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY: This study aims at analyzing the role of shelf-space and display in stimulating impulse buying. Further, this study also covers the comparison between all shelf positions (regular-shelf, Chiller, and wings-rack) to get insights deeper into which one is the most effective in stimulating impulse buying. METHODOLOGY: By highlighting the case of a beverage brand in a hypermarket in Indonesia, the recent study uncovers the experiences and perceptions of 200 participants through an explanatory survey. The primary data collection has been done by distributing survey questionnaires to 200 target respondents located in Jakarta. The data collected have been analyzed using SPSS software. MAIN FINDINGS: Both shelf-space and display factors are found to have a positive and significant effect on impulse buying, where the former is found dominant. Various constructs in shelf-space such as the spaciousness-of-shelf, highness-of-traffic, largeness-of-shelf, easiness in finding the shelf, and in-store display communications such as the attractiveness-of-color, cleanness-of-display, neatness-of-display arrangement, the blocking-space, and the attractiveness-of-product arrangement emerge validly. Of the three objects studied, the chiller had the highest effectiveness compared to the regular-shelf and wings-rack in arousing the impulsivity of consumer purchases. This fact shows that the appearance of cold drinks seems to have a significant effect on consumers in causing impulse buying, especially for consumers in tropical countries like Indonesia. The seller or brand owner should consider this finding. APPLICATIONS OF THIS STUDY: This study confirms the real, meaningful, and experiential visual power of in-store brand communications. So the brand can explore creatively and ergonomically as well as maximizing the potentials of visual communication, especially shelf-space and display in sales spaces as silent sellers. NOVELTY/ORIGINALITY OF THIS STUDY: Few studies still pay attention to the role of in-store brand communications in encouraging impulse buying, especially in an era where the virtual shopping world is increasingly distracting researchers and marketers from the spark of communication events in the actual shopping space. This article proves how the attractiveness of in-store brand communications through shelf-space and in-store displays has a significant impact on impulse buying.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Shelf-space Communication, Display Communication, In-store Branding, Retail Communication, Impulse Buying, Impulsive Consumer
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