Communication with Compassion as Positive Leadership Practices: The Case of Nutrifood Indonesia

Wijaya, Bambang Sukma and Amir, Muhammad Taufiq (2022) Communication with Compassion as Positive Leadership Practices: The Case of Nutrifood Indonesia. Studies in Media and Communication, 10 (1). pp. 63-73. ISSN 2325-8071

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The recent emergence of negative communication and apathetic behavior requires positive communication by considering empathy known as Komunikasih (In Indonesian, communication with compassion). Besides individuals, institutions, including companies, should apply Komunikasih to practice positive communication. This article examines the Rumah Kedua (second home) program of Nutrifood Indonesia as the embodiment of the company's value or culture, namely “i-care.” This study employed a case study method with a Komunikasih theory analysis. The data were collected using textual, visual, digital, manual, professional, and personal document search, and in-depth interviews with key informants: the CEO and several employees of Nutrifood. This study revealed that the Komunikasih spirit embodies in the form of 1) equality, 2) sincerity, 3) compassion, 4) affection, 5) respectfulness, 6) friendship, 7) sense of family, 8) meaningfulness, 9) wellness, and 10) loyalty. Consequently, the company created a comfortable working atmosphere that makes the office like a second home. Nutrifood has used multimedia and multi-sensory messages through videography, storytelling, books, wall quotes, and ambient layouts to communicate these values. Other companies can use the findings of this study as a reference to implement the idea of Komunikasih in their internal and external communication.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Komunikasih, Positive Communication, Empathetic Communication, Komunikasi Berasa, Heartfelt Communication, Love Communication
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