The Politics of Representation in Green Brand Communication: A Social Semiotics Approach

Wijaya, Bambang Sukma and Wibowo, Tangguh Okta and Kania, Dessy and Dedees, Adek Risma and Vida, Helen Diana (2022) The Politics of Representation in Green Brand Communication: A Social Semiotics Approach. International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social, and Cultural Context, 18 (2). pp. 31-45. ISSN 2325-1115


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Environmental conservation and natural claims are one of the message strategies used by commercial brands to communicate their products' superiority. This article interrogates texts that display green messages and nature preservation on brands' visual communication of two ready-to-drink (RTD) products: tea and mineral water. This study begins by collecting two beverage brands' audiovisual materials for brand communication campaigns. To find texts representing natural claims and environmental issues, we coded and obtained twenty samples of each scene. The analysis uses Halliday's social semiotics method by categorizing meanings that identify field, tenor, and mode. The politics of representation then works more sharply in dissecting and criticizing several findings in the text and context, resulting in insightful reflections. We found that the packaging tea brand is trying to promote the naturalness of its products by displaying the origin of the product content from real nature, with fresh and green plantation scenery. In contrast, the mineral water brand focuses on the packaging recycling movement to promote the new logo with a green leaf bud symbol and new packaging, "eco-crush bottle." Although both discourse on their brands as natural products and care for nature, they do not openly disclose some realities behind the products in their communication narratives. Hypnotizing consumers with "nature" and "natural" spells ultimately makes the communication and representation displayed in the brand narratives the potential to be political. This study is helpful as reflective material for commercial brands when carrying out environmental issues in their communication campaigns. The "nature" and "natural" claims should not be merely a communication mantra that hypnotizes consumers. It should motivate brands and companies to realize their social responsibility in preserving nature and the environment.

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